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47 Bridge Street, Berwick upon Tweed


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     WE ARE...

  • We are a partnership, celebrating over 30 years of marriage. John is originally from Leeds and Kerry from Newcastle . During that period, we have amassed a great deal of experience in the world of art and craft, living in and being inspired by the beautiful Northumberland landscape.

  • Our experience began on Jesmond’s Armstrong Bridge, selling paintings and craft works. This itinerant life of art continued with the many craft fairs of the eighties until John ‘s work was spotted by a gallery owner in North Shields... what followed was an adventure.

  • John’s work has developed and evolved over the years, it has been his primary focus, he has established his name in the art world with sell-out solo shows being a regular occurrence.

  • Kerry’s work is mainly created using fragments; fragments of John’s paintings, fibres, fabrics and found objects. Now retired from a long teaching career, Kerry is  focussed upon ‘making’- something that at one time happened ‘ in-between’ but can now  be the main occupation.


'I have no set painting regime, it is not a daily number of hours notched up- more a series of fervent, intense periods in which I am searching for the elusive 'sweet spot'. The marriage of paint on paper; I want the light to refract from the pigment not just light as a contrast to dark.

Once the subject matter has been assimilated in outdoor sketches and in my mind then it is time to explore the material further; to condense, intensify, organise and transform it with the idea of discovering its full potential as a painting.

Non-essentials eliminated and only essence remains. Memory tends to sift and sort out into a kind of unconscious selection, with the result that the mind is not cluttered by trivia that might weaken. a picture's total impact. The important elements are retained and emphasised and the unimportant things that do not contribute to expressivity are subordinated or even omitted altogether.'



After graduating with a BA(Hons) Fine Art at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, London in 1988, Anna returned home to Northumberland to work as a photographic artist and silversmith. In 1994 she trained to teach whilst continuing on her own creative journey.
She started experimenting with the many processes in the making of felt in 2005. 
In 2008 she began to use the many varieties of coloured willows grown locally for basketry and the traditional techniques used to work with them.
The resulting vessels and sculptural forms are  of great quality  and beauty.



It is from a cosy corner of Berwick upon Tweed that Lindsey Hunter crafts extraordinary jewellery in Hopetown & Hunter workshop.

Her eye for the unique, coupled with her endless patience trawling antique markets both in Europe and here in the UK, makes for 'one-off' pieces of stunning neck art. 

Sensitively restored  curiosities are coupled and adorned with high-end beads and other fixings - each piece is expertly married together to form an item to be treasured and loved. 

“I love a bit of mischief and nothing pleases me more than to make a necklace out of what appears unmakeable.”

No two pieces are the same and there are no repeats. 

Lindsey's website
product FIFTYEIGHT009.jpg


The tapestry of life...working together fragments and threads with loose ends and connections. Things lost and found, gathered and intertwined. At times there are patterns that repeat and even make sense but sometimes random items intersperse within the order and throw things into confusion.
What do I do?....I make things out of stuff. I use my personal sense of colour and pattern to order and disorder, to assemble and disassemble. Often inspired directly by the natural environment, exemplified in this jacket; mosaic crochet ,  beach colours, Sandham Bay , Holy Island.



Linda Keith is an experienced crafts person working for many

years in the Borders.

Linda’s current work highlights her interest in manipulating iron wire   In combination with a variety of reclaimed materials and found objects.

Each unique piece is quirky,sometimes playful with its own story to tell.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us

with any comments, questions, or special requests.

  Throughout January and February

we are open on Saturdays

11am- 3.30pm



If we are closed and you have only a short time to look- give us a call, if we are available we can be there in a few minutes.

47, Bridge Street,
Berwick Upon Tweed


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